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Hearth in Hand

What does it mean to live spiritually? To some it may mean following a certain religious path. To others, it may mean recognizing the power of the unseen, or seeing life as sacred. In all cases, living spiritually is looking inward and striving to transcend the part of yourself that might lead you to act selfishly, greedily, fearfully and unconsciously. Some may call that part in us original sin, temptation or the devil; I know it as the ego.

The ego is selfish, defensive, takes everything personally and always assumes the worst. Even it is something to overcome, your ego is not necessarily your enemy. It is what gives us the sense of ‘I’, of being an individual, and it has played an important part in our evolution. All egos are a hereditary gift from our ancestors who only survived because they were obsessed with consuming food, passing on their…

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(Photo ‘Walk This Way #1’- Martha B.)

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The blocks are too much of a blow

I try to hold on

keep my sanity in check

but theres this wedge of fear

that’s getting in the way

it creeps up the walls

hovers at the gates of my consciousness

and then I’m nothing but a lost cause

stuck in a thought

a pattern of destruction

If there’s any hope left

it’s only in prayers

and even those have come to be to few

not enough for recovery

If only the end could come

then I’d be alright

But that’s just silly,

nothing ever ends

not really,

It’s all a cycle

of winter and summer in my mind

and right now the blocks are covered in the thick

impenetrable snow

that sticks

and swallows me deeper

then I’ve ever been before.

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